The Effect of Music on the Human Body

The music that we hear can have an myweddingfest effect on our bodies. For instance, if we listen to smooth jazz, we increase the levels of dopamine. Dopamine is the motivation molecule that makes us feel good, so it’s no wonder that listening to uplifting music can make us happier and more optimistic. Other effects of music include a boost to the production of oxytocin, the moral hormone that makes us more sociable and trusting of others. And finally, when we hear familiar music, we may have more vivid memories and emotions.

Ancient philosophers have long recognized the beneficial effects of music. Plato suggested using music to treat anxiety. In ancient Greece, the god Apollo ruled both music and healing. In recent decades, researchers have investigated the effect of music on the human body. Two such books are Playing With Sound and Dawn Kent’s thesis. Researchers tubeplusnews have also discovered that high-pitched tones can cause panic or anxiety in us. Music is also proven to be therapeutic.

While listening to music is a pleasure, research has shown that listening to certain types of music can improve mood and reduce the risk of heart attack. Music also alters the autonomic nervous system, which controls breathing and heart rate, creating a relaxation response in the brain. Studies also indicate that listening to music can improve cognition. People who listen to music during mental and physical activities can perform better on tests and other cognitive tasks. Even those who suffer from certain medical conditions can benefit from music, and this may explain why music can have such a positive effect.

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