Pok deng the classic card game of all time

Pok deng the classic card game of all time. Great profit card game. Just count the points. It’s very easy to make profits in the PGSLOT casino never playing, definitely not a problem. Let’s study how to play and the rules about the card game bounce together. Playing poker is not difficult. Believe me, even though I’ve never played it before It’s easy to play and win. Pokdeng has various types of payouts. I’m not sure I won once. You may be as rich as 5 times stylishster. And what will be the specialness of the popular card game? Let’s go and watch together.

Pok Deng a rich card game

Open up a superior online gaming experience. with playing poker games It’s a basic game play principle. that anyone can play and it only takes a short time to learn But before playing Pokdeng May have to walk into the casino Or a small PGSLOT casino in the house that is not sure if there is a card lock or cheating or not. But at present, I can tell you that playing Pok Deng is very easy because now there are Pokdeng online AMB POKER that can be played through mobile phones comfortably. The rules of play are still the same format that is easy to understand. Some rules might be modified. which can be seen from the following details tishare.

Rules for playing poker bounce

First, let’s start by knowing the number of face points. how many numbers and letters are equal If you get cards with PGSLOT numbers and letters 10 , J , Q , K in hand, these numbers and letters will be equal to 0, while A is equal to 1 and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are equal to the points that appear on the face of the card. It is an easy-to-understand point counting principle. and not complicated Whether you’ve played before or not It’s definitely easy to understand.

Subsequently, it is a method of measuring the result of losing and winning in playing Pok Deng online games, which we would like to divide into 4 cases starting from the case of measuring results at Pok 9 (2 bounces) > Pok 9 > Pok 8 (2 bounces) > Pok 8 later. In the event that the points of the cards are equal, the size will be sorted as Tong > State Flat > Sort > Yellow > Points. In the third case, if the cards are drawn out, the cards PGSLOT must be measured in order of the points as follows: K > Q > J > 10 > 6 > 5 > A and finally in the case of cards in order or state The flower measurement method is used as follows: Spade > Hearth > Diamonds > Dokkick.

How to see the winning results of poker bounce

– The first type wins with Pok, which is that the first 2 cards give a total of 9 points (Pok 9) wins immediately.

– In case of getting 8 points (Pok 8) wins if the dealer does not Pok immediately

– If the player has the first 2 cards giving a total of more than 4 points, the player may request a third card or not.

– If the player has the first 2 cards less than 4 points, a third card must be asked.

– In the event that the first 2 cards are equal to 4 points, 2 bounces, whether they are flowers or points, forced to stay

– 3 cards measure the result of losing and winning according to size and points in the order mentioned above.

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