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Large Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Aside from landscaping, large backyard ideas on a budget often entail planting flowers. Evergreen shrubs are especially popular for their ability to screen the views of neighbors. Consider planting some white pine, hemlock, spruce, or arborvitae. Don’t skimp on the size, however. Buying a larger shrub will help screen the yard faster. Another inexpensive option is to repurpose an old futon cushion.

When planning a large backyard design, you should include seating areas. If you’re limited on space, you can build your own hammock by strung between two trees. You can also purchase a metal fire pit for a budget-friendly price. Make sure to include plenty of comfortable seating surrounding the fire pit. Another fun backyard idea is to install a hammock. Use industrial hooks or tree straps to hang the hammock between two trees. Alternatively, you can purchase a hammock that has a stand.

Decorative fences can be transformed into unique focal points for your backyard. Wood posts and whiskey barrel planters can be used to create a unique outdoor centerpiece. You can also use rope lights to add ambiance to trees and flowerbeds. For a more subtle change, you can even paint the fence to match the house. Whether it’s a traditional fence or a contemporary style, fences can transform your backyard into a wonderful place to entertain.

String lights are an essential part of budget backyard ideas. Adding outdoor string lights to your patio will transform it into a chill summer hangout. You can purchase white twinkle lights for six dollars, or opt for clear globe lights that cost nine dollars. Globe lights also last longer than twinkle lights, and you can easily replace the bulbs if needed. You can even wrap them around an outdoor pillar or run them from house to tree using insulated cable.

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