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How to Use a Curly Wig Spray

Curly wigs can be very difficult to manage. Curls can be so hard to control that they can take up an entire bathroom floor! A good curly wig spray is an absolute must for maintaining your wig’s style! Here are a few tips to help you get the best results. Use a comb or wig brush to detangle the hair before spraying. A blow dryer can also help you straighten your wig in one go. Heat the water to a maximum of 85degC (185degF) and leave a small gap at the top so that you can avoid burning your scalp.

Using a wide-tooth comb helps you detangle your wig without breaking it. When brushing a wig, make sure to begin at the roots and work upward. You can also use your fingers to help you detangle the curls. Using a comb can help you detangle your curly wig without damaging it. Just remember to avoid combs that are too stiff or too soft as they can cause breakage.

Curly wigs need regular maintenance to keep them looking as healthy as possible. Regularly washing and detangling can make it more manageable, but these methods only give temporary results. Regular moisturizing will prevent your wig from becoming frizzy and dry. You should also avoid using heated styling products such as hot rollers and curling irons as they can cause damage to your wig. In addition, hot rollers and dryers can damage the wig and make it frizzy.

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