Help Desk Analyst Job Description

A Help Desk Analyst job description may not be as exciting as it sounds, but the work is rewarding and fulfilling. This position liaises between IT departments and computer users. Help desk analyst resume examples usually describe the duties that the candidate performs: answering the phone, troubleshooting computer problems, setting up user accounts, and updating software and hardware. Some positions require the help desk analyst to travel to the customer’s location. Among the key assets of an effective Help Desk Analyst resume are computer proficiency, troubleshooting abilities, and customer service orientation. Most people with this career hold a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology

The salary for a help desk analyst varies widely. While salaries range from $29,440 for the lowest-paid job to $41,442 for the highest-paid, the national mean salary for this job is about $45,000. As with all jobs, experience and certification will help an individual earn higher salaries. However, the job description of a help desk analyst may differ from city to city, so the average salary may be different from city to city

A help desk analyst job description is varied. A Tier 1 analyst deals with simple hardware, software, and networking issues. They may biographypark escalate a problem to a Tier 2 analyst who can handle more complex issues. Tier 2 analysts are responsible for solving more complex system problems. They may also oversee the IT ticketing system of a company and assign tickets to Tier 3 analysts. However, a help desk analyst should also be willing to travel to customers’ locations, especially if this is needed for a project stylishster.

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