GMAT Preparation Tips

In addition to learning the content on the GMAT, you should practice test-taking skills and pacing. Timed practice sets and official practice questions are crucial for GMAT preparation. You should also review your performance. You can do this either by self-study or by consulting a tutor. Self-study should include timed practice sets and analysis of your performance. It is imperative to pace yourself while working through timed sections of practice exams.

The most effective GMAT preparation involves preparing for each section in detail. Each section should take around two minutes to complete. Avoid wasting time by not following the rules of the exam. This can lead to bad study habits and repeating mistakes. As a result, you should follow a study plan to maximize your time and ensure that you meet your target score. You should also have a strategy for each question type and make sure to stick to it.

To prepare for the GMAT, you should plan out your prep over a period of 10 weeks. The first five weeks should be devoted to brushing up on the exam’s underlying content and understanding the different problem types. The second five weeks should be spent practicing various types of problem solving. The third five weeks should be devoted to working through full practice tests on a regular basis. You should aim for a score close to your target, but not too high.

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